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Hex Bolts and Nuts

  • Hex Flange Bolt
  • Hex Bolt
  • Galvanized Coarse Hex Bolt

Machine Screws and Nuts

  • Flat Head Machine Screw
  • Pan Head Machine Screw
  • Wheel Bolt

Self drilling sms

  • Pan Head Tapping Screw
  • Self Drilling Screw
  • wafer head self drilling screw

Allen bolt

  • Stainless Steel Allen Bolt
  • Titanium Hex Socket Cap Bolt
  • Socket Hex CSK Screw

U Bolt

  • U Bolt
  • Square U Bolt
  • U Bolt

Wheel Bolt

  • Wheel Bolt
  • Wheel Bolt
  • Wheel Bolt


  • Flange Nut
  • Heavy Hex Nut
  • Wheel Nut Bolt

Bolt and nut

  • Carriage Bolt with Nut and Washer
  • Bolt and Nut
  • Nut and bolt

Steel hexbolt

  • Steel hex Bolt
  • 304 Steel hex bolt
  • Stainless steel Bolt

Stud bolt

  • Studbolt
  • B7 Studbolt
  • Studbolt


  • Stud bolt
  • B8 Studbolt
  • Galvanized Stud bolt

anchor bolt

  • L anchor
  • J bolt
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Ajaxt bolt and nut provides the customers with various types of nut and bolt, Drilling screw, lag bolt, Hex bolt, Allen screws, U bolt and Machine screws and nuts and all types of bolt and nut.,

About Ajax-bolt-nut

Ajaxt bolt co is an Iranian manufacturer and distributor of various types of hex bolt and nut, Allen bolt and stud bolts following international standards DIN 912, 931, 933 for hex bolt and 934 for the associated nuts. The hex bolts are manufactured with the standard strength raw materials of metal 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 and and are tested before dispatch.

We also are well-experienced in manufacturing stud bolts for flange connections associated with oil, gas and petrochemical industries. the mentioned stud bolts follow the ASTM standards of A193 B7 , Stainless steel B8 and B16 that are each suitable for a certain environment and temperature.

Note that choosing the right Bolt, either the material, Dimension or the coating is a very sensitive engineering process and avoid underestimating the consequences that a low class bolt connection can cause within sensitive industries.

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