mana-filter Our Motto: Importing and distribution of all kinds of industrial filters of heavy duty machines
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Oil filter

  • Oil filter for construction machines
  • Moulding machine oil filter
  • Vacuum pump oil filter

Fuel filter

  • Construction machinery fuel filter
  • Lift truck fuel filter
  • Truck fuel filter

Separator filter

  • Gas-oil separator filter
  • Construction machinery separator filter
  • FLEETGUARD separator filter

Hydraulic filter

  • Construction machinery hydraulic filter
  • Hydraulic lift filter
  • Fork lifter hydraulic filter

Engine air filter

  • Construction machinery engine air filter
  • Air compressor engine air filter
  • fork lifter engine air filter

Cabin air filter

  • Construction machine cabin filter
  • Truck cabin air filter
  • Fork lift cabin filter


  • KOMATSU excavator donaldson oil filter
  • DONALDSON excavator hydraulic filter
  • DONALDSON excavator fuel filter


  • Fleetguard engine oil filter
  • Fleetguard fuel filter
  • Fleetguard water separator filter

MANN filter

  • MANN oil filter
  • MANN fuel filter
  • MANN separator filter

Cummins disel engine filter

  • Cummins engine oil filter
  • Cummins fuel filter
  • Cummins separator filter

DEUTZ diesel engine filter

  • DEUTZ diesel fuel filter
  • DEUTZ fuel filter
  • DEUTZ separator filter

Excavator filter

  • KOMATSU excavator fuel filter
  • VOLVO excavator hydraulic filter
  • HYUNDAI fuel filter

Japan SAKURA filter

  • SAKURA fuel filter
  • SAKURA hydraulic-filter
  • SAKURA diesel separator filter

Baldwin Filter

  • Baldwin hydraulic filter
  • Baldwin heavy duty fuel filter
  • Baldwin Separator filter

Loader Filter

  • Wheel loader separator filter
  • Volvo loader Hydraulic filter
  • Wheel loader fuel filter

CAT Filter

  • CAT hydraulic filter
  • CAT separator filter
  • CAT lube filter

WIX filter

  • WIX hydraulic filter
  • WIX separator filter
  • WIX genuine american fuel filter

JIMCO Filter

  • JIMCO Hydraulic filter
  • JIMCO fuel water separator filter
  • JIMCO fuel filter

DEUTZ filter

  • DEUTZ hydraulic filter
  • DEUTZ water separator filter
  • DEUTZ engine air filter

Perkins diesel filters

  • Perkins diesel engine lube filter
  • Perkins fuel filter

Agricultural machinery filter

  • Ferguson lube filter
  • John deere lube filter
  • John deere truck separator filter

Volvo penta filter

  • Volvo Penta separator filter
  • Volvo Penta lube filter
  • Volvo Penta fuel filter

VOLVO Filter

  • VOLVO engine oil filter
  • VOLVO fuel filter
  • VOLVO separator filter

ADF Filter

  • ADF lube filter
  • ADF Bulldozer air filter
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Industrial filters-mana-filter


Mana industrial group is an Iranian importer and distributor of all kinds of industrial filters including air filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, fuel filters and separator filters for all kinds of industrial machines including construction machinery, heavy duty mining machines, agree-cultural and structurall machines.

About mana-filter

Importing and distribution of all kinds of cabin air filter in order to purify the air that flows into the cabin.
importing and distribution of all kinds of oil filters to purify the oil circulation the engines in combustion engines and also in other types of dynamic machines.
importing and distribution of fuel and gas oil filter in order to purify the fuel prior to entering the cylinders and contaminating the engine.
importing and distribution of all kinds of hydraulic filters in order to minimize the damage to hydraulic parts including hydraulic pumps and hydraulic jacks.

Truck and minitruck

Diesel engine filters

Diesel engines that consume gas-oil are the most common type of industrial combustion engine type that is used very often in running construction machines, mining machines, agricultural machines, trucks and buses. various types of filters are used on diesel engines but the most common ones are fuel filter since gas-oil is one of the most polluted fuels available. fuel filters are used in two main types including simple and separator type that also eliminates water droplets.

Importance of lube or oil filter on diesel engines

Oil plays the same role in diesel engines as any other type of combustion engine and that is to lubricate engine metallic parts to move smoothly up against each other and as a result less friction and heat is generated. Lube or oil absorbs different kinds of pollutants within each working cycle including the very small splinters that appear once the ring and piston move against the cylinder liner, fumes that appear after combustion and the pollutants that are imported within the engine through air and gas oil.

Different kinds of fuel filters on industrial machines

One of the most effective and important type of filters on industrial diesel engines is fuel filter. the level of contamination and pollutant within gas oil that is being consumed in disel engines is ont only higher than other fluids such as oil and air that circulate within diesel engines but also higher than any other type of fuel. two different types of fuel filters were used on diesel engines. the old type known as fuel filter could only absorb solid particles while one of the most hazardous pollutants of gas oil that decreases the external torque and the efficiency of the engine is water droplets. new generation of fuel filters that are known as water separator filters not only can absorb and eliminate water droplets but also accumulate them for discharge.

Types of air filter for heavy duty industrial machines

Two kinds of air filter are used on heavy duty industrial machines including the engine air filter and cabin air filter. while the material to develop and produce the filter element in both cases are very similar the physical shape of these heavy duty industrial filters are completely different and cabin air filters are usually used in flat square shape while engine air filters are used in cylindrical shape.

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