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Kato Lift Industrial Group is the exclusive importer of KATO chain hoists in Iran. KATO electric chain hoist is imported both in single-phase type with 220 V city electricity from 1 to 5 tons and in 3-phase type with 360-400 V electricity in tonnage of 1 to 10 tons. Kato Lift is the importer of Kato chain hoist in single-speed, two-speed, fully automatic, 2-speed and 4-speed types in Iran.
Consulting on the purchase of chain hoists with different brands such as overhead hook type and rail trolley type in different tonnage and service and repair services of chain cranes are carried out in this industrial group. The import of all the main parts of the KATO electric chain crane is carried out for the purpose of repairs and after-sales services. Kato chain hoist is a product of China, which is produced in accordance with global standards with high security and has CE standard of the European Union.

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Import of electric chain overhead hoist with KATO Chinese brand, three-phase type in tonnage from 1 to 10 tons. This chain hoist is imported as a double function only with the capability of vertical load lifting and has a roof hook, and also has a trolley or carriage to connect and move on the ceiling rails as a four function, fully automatic. The 4-way chain hoist has a control button both for lifting and lowering the load vertically and for horizontal movement of the load on the rail or trolley.

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