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Representative for LG GANGLU types of calibers. Types of micrometers QLR. Types of drill TG. Three types of drill systems. FLYEAGLE. Types of blades. TG. Machine tools. FEIDA. Types of ADOLAN handles.

About arsh-tools

The shop of the instrument of the arsh Mohammad with more than twenty years of activity in the field of producing, distributing and distributing all types of tooling, measuring and industrial, with the best quality in the field of your work, is serving the respectable craftsmen, our dear colleagues and the growth and excellence of our beloved Iran. This store has a variety of drill bits and diamond drills, such as a golden titanium drill, a cobalt drill, a long, long, four-groove drill, and five grooves, a white and gold-plated machine, a cobalt and a straight cord, and a spiral of hand tools, mm, inch and left And bsw, unf, unc and small gears and all kinds of double and double milling, double and triple quadruple and conventional cobalt, and all three types of manual drill bits and columnar industrial and automatic automatic bolt and concave morse and conic bits and knife blades and knickers And cutting of all sorts of wood metal stones, stone, granite, ceramic, ceramic tiles, brass knuckles, The drill bit and the left and right side drill bit and the drill bit and the fifth bits of cobblestone and decimated bits and the cone taper and ... The distributor and representative of the various types of precision measuring instruments include the typical types of conventional calipers and hourglass gauges. Thickness gauge gauge. Indicator and ghosting clock. Goniometric goniometer. Three-piece universal conveyor. Industrial conveyer. Direct internal and external tube and bore. The distributor of micrometers. Outdoor gauge. Normal and digital bar and three-jaw And replace bars and ... and offer a variety of brands INSZE ASIMETO MITUTOYO IZAR LG GUANGLU TG QLR FEIDA FRA, ...

Cutting and shaping tools

َArsh mohamad tools

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