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  • Carbide Endmill-FD404
  • Carbide Aluminium Cut-AC403
  • Carbide 2Flute Ballnose Endmill


  • Carbide Endmill
  • Carbide Endmill
  • 2Flute Carbide Endmill


Specialized reference tools for cutting, milling and drilling with a hardness of up to 65 Rockefeller. It is also able to produce all orders of the highest quality custom tools.
HELIXTOOLS and DOHRE Exclusive Agent in Iran

About Damavand-tools

Since the very first day, we have been offering our products with guarantees and scientific and experimental guidance to achieve the desired result with our customers. In this regard, we tried to use the worlds equipment as well as to expand production and support Research and development unit is a stronger support for our customers.
This company is pleased to announce that Damavand Instruments Co., a sole distributor of HELIX TOOLS and DOHRE products in Iran, with a 10-year history of supplying a variety of turning, milling and molding tools.
Also importer of different brands such CTX-TTM-GUHRING-KLENK-DOHRE.

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