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steel wire rope

  • dia12 non-rotating wire rope
  • dia 10 kiswire excavating wire rope
  • Drilling tow wire

chain and lifting accessories

  • dia8 G80 chain
  • Inhibitor
  • Shagal U

Hoist and lifting accessories

  • 5 ton chain block china
  • Tifur
  •  Manual crane

Webbing sling

  • 4 ton webbing sling
  • Ratchet belt
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Top wire group is an importer of steel wire rope for lifting purposes, for elevator, hoist and excavator. importer and distributor of fiber core and steel core wire rope in various diameters from 1 to 64 mm. Top wire group is also importer of all kinds of chain and chain sling accessories in Iran

About top-wire

Top wire group is a distributor of 8 strand wire ropes for elevator in various brands including GUSTV WOLF and also Chinese brands

Importer and distributor of 6 strand wire ropes including 6X19 rope with fiber and steel core

Importer and distributor of non rotating wire ropes in 19X7 structure and in tensiles higher than 1770 N/mm2

Importer and distributor of G80 chain, all grades of lifting chain and chain accessories.

Steel Wire rope and accessories
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