federal-wire-rope Our Motto: We import high quality Wire rope with high durability
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non-rotating wire rope

  • 7*19 non-rotating
  • 7*35 non-rotating wire rope
  • non_rotating compacted wire rope

elevator_wire rope

  • Elevator rope+IWRC
  • elevator rope
  • 8mm elevator rope

Towercrane rope

  • 19*6 wire rope
  • crane wire rope
  • steel wire rope seal

Concrete Wire rope

  • concrete wire rope
  • concrete wire rope
  • Spiralrope

Steel wire rope

  • 31*6 Wire rope
  • 24*6 Steel wire rope
  • 7*17 Steel wire rope

Stainless steel wire rope

  • stainless steel wire rope 7*7
  • Stainless steel 7*19 wire rope
  • Stainless steel 6*36

Super wire rope

  • Paraplast wire rope
  • Turbolift WIre rope
  • Stratoplast Wire rope

Steel wire rope Sling

  • Steel wire rope 8*36
  • One leg steel wire rope sling
  • One leg steel wire rope sling


  • PP marine ropes
  • Manila marine ropes
  • Nylon marine ropes
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Forcewire Co. is an Iranian leading manufacturer and exporter of steel wire rope and accessories with years of experience in this field. Forcewire has managed to export various lifting products including steel wire rope, Chain , rigging and hoist to many of Iranian border countries including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia ,...

We have always believed in business with mutual benefit and have set it our goal to offer the best quality and the best price to our customers to maintain our business partner ship and more so our friendship.

About federal-wire-rope

Steel wire rope and accessories.
Manufactured according to all international standards including JIS, API, DS, DIN
Bright or Galvanized
Regular or Lang Lay
Cross or Equal Lay Strands
Fiber or Steel Core
Supplied in Coils or Wooden Reels

Steel Wire rope and accessories
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