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Arta Tejart Savin Company Importer and supplier of all spare parts of construction and miningl machinery
For more information and a better understanding of Arta Tejart Savin s company, you need to know more about this company s background, here we are going to provide explanations
Starting with interest in the company s activities from one generation before our dear father began in 1960 with the entry into the field of construction machinery and road construction contractor, and after years of professional work in this industry, he started selling spare parts in the year 1986. As in Iran, business situations always change, we have always tried to provide the best service to our beloved customers in the supply of machinery and equipment with great power and experience.
Today, Arta Tejart Savin has a newly developed, fully updated, professional system in the field of import and sale of products, and is rapidly developing in the industry with a clear plan and target. Our goal is to provide the best service and supply of all spare parts of construction and mining machinery with the best quality and best price and the best service to all our dear customers.

About Kazemibr

Arta Tejart Savin Company Importer and distributor of spare parts and spare parts for construction and mining machinery
Official representative of Italy ITR company and Komatsu International company in Iran

The reasons that influence your decision on choosing us:

● Provider of a wide range of spare parts for construction machinery including undercarriage, teeth, filters, gearboxes, hydraulic and engine parts with a variety of brands.
● Official representative of Italy ITR company and Komatsu International Emirates company in Iran
● More than 31 years of experience in sale of spare parts for construction machinery
● Over 10,000 available products
● High quality, diverse products and reasonable prices with repair and replacement warranty
● Selling the goods in bulk and retail selling with special conditions
● Importing goods with 100 guaranteed
● Direct import of goods with joint and individual investment
● Supply of products with the lowest price of market, especially in the Komatsu parts
● Supply various products with various discounts & special offers
● Supply of the latest products from all spare parts of existing construction machinery in Iran
● Free and immediate delivery of products in Tehran
● Possibility of returning products purchased for a week
● Providing products with warranty
● In case of request for new immediate delivery in Emirates
● Hold meetings and develop partnerships
● Contracts for the representation and sales agent of spare parts
● Participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions
● Investing in all Sale and Tenders throughout the country

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