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Nanotejarat is an Industrial-advertising company in Iran. This company consists of qualified staff who are educated in different fields such as Mechanics, IT, Marketing, Graphics , etc... to help the customers the best way possible. Our primary objective is to assist customers and suppliers have more comprehensive and yet specific access to technical information of industrial spare parts.

Having a Thorough database of all industrial units and local stores in Iran, has equiped us with the power to offer the most effective advertisement for manufacturers and trading companies to introduce their services and products. Having a complete website in Persian to introduce to your persian customers, sending out persian advertisements to relative business owners and importers.


خرید در نانوتجارت Iranian customers can easily send out their inquiry within this website, for your products in your private page, which will go directly to your Email.


فروش در نانوتجارت Nanotejarat has managed to gain a firm position on persian keywords in search engines which can assure your General accessability.

Our Sponsors

Top wire group is an importer of steel wire rope for lifting purposes, for elevator, hoist and excavator. importer and distributor of fiber core and steel core wire rope in various diameters from 1 to 64 mm. Top wire group is also importer of all kinds of chain and chain sling accessories in Iran


Amir Brothers Trading is an importer and supplier of all kinds of load lifting tools and fittings, including all kinds of steel and steel wire ropes, all kinds of steel lifting chains, chain fittings and all overhead cranes. Importing all kinds of wire ropes used in the elevator industry from size 8 to 13 mm with different German, Korean and Chinese brands, import and supply of wire ropes with steel core and hemp core used on drilling rigs and cranes and import of Netab tower ropes Crane in different grades and structures in Iran. Import of coated wire ropes for use in gyms and Haft La Konaf wire ropes for light industrial applications including chicken farms.



Steel Wire Rope and Sling, Chain and accessories, Ropes and Webbing Slings, Hoist and lifting equipments...

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Nanotejarat, Iranian industrial database

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