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carbon and stainless steel wire rope

  • 19X7 tower crane rope
  • size 8 to 24 non rotating wire rope
  • Hoist wire rope

Stainless steel and carbon steel chain

  • sling lifting chain
  • galvanized lifting chain
  • dia8 connecting link

Hoist and lifting equipment

  • 3 ton VITAL chain hoist
  • single phase winch
  • 2 string drum clamp
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Amir Brothers Trading is an importer and supplier of all kinds of load lifting tools and fittings, including all kinds of steel and steel wire ropes, all kinds of steel lifting chains, chain fittings and all overhead cranes. Importing all kinds of wire ropes used in the elevator industry from size 8 to 13 mm with different German, Korean and Chinese brands, import and supply of wire ropes with steel core and hemp core used on drilling rigs and cranes and import of Netab tower ropes Crane in different grades and structures in Iran. Import of coated wire ropes for use in gyms and Haft La Konaf wire ropes for light industrial applications including chicken farms.

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