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Hamian Generator Industrial Group provides all services related to diesel generators in Iran. Rental of diesel generators in different capacities from 30 KW to 350 KW for various construction, mining, agricultural, road construction, etc. uses. The rental of silent diesel generators with high power and minimum sound production in terms of decibels is done for use in closed environments and to reduce noise pollution in industrial environments. All diesel generator services and repairs, replacement of parts and inspection and service are done on site. Diesel generator rental in Tehran and suburbs is done in the shortest possible time as serviced and ready for use in the number and capacities required by customers.

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It is possible to rent a diesel generator in the suburbs of Tehran up to a distance of 300 km to review and provide the desired services. The duration of diesel generator rental can be different according to the consumed kava, and for kava above 300 places, monthly diesel generator rental is also possible.
Costs related to diesel generators can be categorized into two categories of costs related to repairs and service, the costs related to diesel generator repairs are borne by the industrial group of generator sponsors, and the costs related to service such as changing oil or connecting filters Your working hours will be determined.
The process of renting a diesel generator without receiving a guarantee is done according to the position, your project and the persons position in the executive company, which is signed according to a contract between the parties.

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