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Exporting Iranian Products

Nanotejarat Co. Is under contract with more than 1900 Iranian manufacturers and distributors of construction and industrial equipment and is one of the leading exporters of Iranian products and row materials to Asian and European countries including Iraq, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Spain, Estonia,…

All the products that we export have ISO standard and are tested visually and technically by our engineers before shipment to make sure that you receive high quality of products. We also assist you receive the quantity of products according to your invoice.

Some of the products we have exported are listed here:

IRAN TO IRAQ 2014-2015
export pipe from Iran to Iraq
Valve and connections
export valve and connection from Iran to Iraq
Steel Wire rope
export steel wire rope from Iran to Iraq
Bolt and nut
export Bolt and nut from Iran to Iraq
Cement and Plaster
export cement and plaster from Iran to Iraq
I-Beam and Profile
export ibeam and profile from Iran to Iraq
Construction machinery spare parts
export construction machinery spare parts from Iran to Iraq
export pipe from Iran to Turkmenistan
export construction from Iran to Turkmenistan
Building Equipments
export building Equipment from Iran to Turkmenistan
Raw Materials
export raw material from Iran to Turkmenistan
Valve, Flange and connections
export valve and flange from Iran to Turkmenistan
Fastener ( Bolt and Nut )
export bolt and nut from Iran to Turkmenistan
Steel Wire Rope
export steel wire rope from Iran to Turkmenistan
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