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Atian Teb iranian company Importation, Distribution and Sale of Consumer Equipment Required Treatment Centers
Atian Teb iranian company Importer and provider type of oxygen mask, disposable Larzhynal mask, nebulizer mask, laryngoscope etc

About atian-teb-iranian

Atian Teb iranian company in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the development of Iranian medicine, medical industry and focuses on the import, distribution and sale of consumer equipment needed medical center was established.

The company is proud that over the last years with the aim to improve health, and qualified domestic protectionism and externally with the help of Allah, the beneficent continuous support to remain a growing trend centers. Atian Teb Iranian company of experienced staff Vdlsvz currently distributed as one of the leading companies in consumer equipment growing trend retain its pride in working with more than 200 medical centers in Khvddard record. Service does not end. Mammare beginning.

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